10 Top professional conference organizers in Delhi NCR

10 Top professional conference organizers in Delhi NCR

While Concept Kraft is a well-known event management company, it’s important to provide a comprehensive list of top professional conference organizers in Delhi NCR. Here are ten notable conference organizers in the region, including Concept Kraft:

Concept Kraft: Concept Kraft is a leading event management company with expertise in organizing conferences of various scales and themes. They offer customized solutions, creative stage designs, and comprehensive event services to ensure a seamless conference experience.

MCI India: MCI India is a renowned professional conference organizer, offering end-to-end solutions for conferences, meetings, and exhibitions. They have a strong global presence and expertise in managing conferences across various industry sectors.

Vivaan Hospitality: Vivaan Hospitality specializes in conference management and provides comprehensive solutions for planning and organizing conferences. They offer services like venue sourcing, logistics management, delegate management, and content development.

T.I.C. Group: T.I.C. Group focuses on organizing conferences and conventions across different sectors. They offer tailored conference planning, program development, speaker management, and event branding services to ensure successful conferences.

Cvent India: Cvent India provides event technology solutions for conferences and offers services like online registration, event marketing, attendee management, and agenda management. They have a strong focus on leveraging technology to enhance conference experiences.

Media Today Group: Media Today Group specializes in organizing conferences and exhibitions, particularly in sectors like technology and business. They provide comprehensive conference management services, including venue selection, logistics planning, and speaker coordination.

Showtime Events: Showtime Events is an event management company that also excels in conference management. They offer a wide range of services, including venue selection, stage setup, audiovisual production, delegate management, and event production.

Eventique Concepts: Eventique Concepts specializes in professional conference organization and provides end-to-end solutions. They have experience in managing conferences across various sectors and offer services like speaker management, branding, logistics, and production.

Infinity Events: Infinity Events offers professional conference organization services, focusing on creating impactful conference experiences. They handle conference planning, logistics management, delegate coordination, and technical production.

E-Factor Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.: E-Factor Entertainment is a reputed event management company that also caters to conference management. They offer customized solutions, creative concepts, and technical expertise to deliver successful conferences.

These professional conference organizers, including Concept Kraft, have a strong reputation for delivering exceptional conference experiences. Each company brings its own unique strengths and expertise, making them trusted choices for conference management in Delhi NCR.

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